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We are working hard to maintain indexxx, so that you can enjoy it. But some people abuse indexxx by the use automated software such as bots, crawlers and special downloaders.

Normal visitors can unfortunately easily be mistaken as bots. In that case this page is shown, so that the visitor can perform a captcha test.

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Help, it keeps coming back!

Tip: when a captcha is shown in multiple browser tabs, you can enter the captcha for one page and then gently refresh the other pages, instead of having to enter the captcha for all the pages.

We will try to improve indexxx so that hopefully you don't see this page very often. If this page keeps coming back, feel free to contact so that we can look for a better solution. When contacting, mention your IP-address, and mention whether you see the Captcha test itself or red colored text instead on this page.

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