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Latest Erotic Stories


Wife's Unexpected Opportunity

After a cheating wife is found out, she asks for one more opportunity to see him...

I had returned to my family home, where we were ex-pats in the Far East. I'd been back in the UK for a month and my return trip confirmed what I knew all along, my wife had been having an affair with a work colleague. When I had asked her directly if she was having an affair she'd said, “No, don’t be silly - I love you and this was just sex." She had been horny and needed this in her life...Read On


Cindy's First Time

Cindy discovers a new side of her sexuality

One evening, after a very stimulating sex session without her husband, Cindy and I were lying in bed, and she was perusing my portfolio on my phone. She suddenly stopped at one particular drawing, turned to me and said, “Who’s that? She’s gorgeous?” I looked at the art work. It was a drawing I had done a couple of years before of a 40-something model named Taylor. She was fully nude,...Read On


[Part 3!!] Kiana, The College Slut Who Fucked The Virgin Out Of Me

Series: Kiana, the College slut who fucked the virgin out of me

Kiana was waiting for me in a campus bathroom, naked and hungry...

Pic of Kiana (fake name): To recap, at a party before my college's Undie Run, I lost my virginity to Kiana, a cute, sexy, slutty sorority girl from my math class. I later found out she had a boyfriend, but that didn't stop her from fingering herself with my hand and asking me to follow her to the bathroom during class the next day. This girl was something else....Read On


Bradly: Sibling Love

As their parents are away, Jenna shows how accepting she is of Bradly's love.

"And send," I said, before setting my phone down.   "Sis, what are you doing?"   "Just texting mom and dad, now we're going to be alone all night long," I replied, before opening my top dresser drawer. "Do you think this box will be enough?" I pondered, grabbing it.   "Holy shit, is that a box of fifty?"   "Well, minus one now," I answered, bringing one out.   I made my way to him, but then...Read On


Janey: Part 3

Janey finally gets Robby inside her.

Janey lay on the bed, her cunt still twitching from her recent orgasm. "I'm ready now." she whispered after breaking off a deep, wet, sloppy kiss.  "Are you sure?" I said, hovering over her. "Yes," she sighed. "I want you inside me, bro. I want my first time with a man to be special." I pressed myself into her prone form, kissing her neck. "I love you, Sis, and I want this to be...Read On


No Inhibitions

She finally got him alone; he gave her the Holy Grail orgasm

They had known each other for years and had sex a few times, but always with rules. No kissing, no direct eye contact, just fucking without feelings. His best friend, her husband, entrusted him to help fulfill her fantasies over the years in threesomes with two guys and her. He also participated in a couple of group sex parties, occupying her while her husband played with another female....Read On


Stairway To Heaven – Chapter 1

I spent the night having sex on my first blind date with a sexy black man.

I remember my first blind date. I was nineteen, and although I wasn’t a virgin I didn’t have much experience around men. The date was on a Saturday night and I remember nervously checking my hair and makeup, straightening my skirt and adjusting my top as I waited for the doorbell to ring.  I had only dated two guys in high school and lost my cherry in my senior year. I haven’t been on a...Read On


Photographers Get To Join In Wedding Orgy

A wedding photoshoot turns into something more interesting and sexy

I had started my photography business a few years back and had struggled to make a living working on my own covering weddings, product launches and other events, plus a few portraits on the side. But slowly I managed to establish a steady stream of business and clients, and finally had enough money to invest in some better equipment and a small studio. I also started to advertise to...Read On


Caned For Speeding

She was caught deliberately speeding and had to attend the Discipline Centre

I was just moments from being taken into the arena to be disciplined. I was in the waiting area of the arena, which was the modern socially acceptable name for the Discipline Centre. They still kept men and women separate and so I knew that I would be disciplined by a female disciplinarian and the watching crowd would be made up of women and girls. Of course, the minimum age requirement...Read On


Love In Ruins

Sometimes an affair can repair a broken marriage

Sometimes, when the work is going well, you can bunk off early on Friday and get home. Then, there are the times when the work isn't going well, and you are probably working some or all of Saturday, just to keep on track. This was one of those weekends; still, there were guided tours of a ruined monastery in the centre of the town. I'd always had a love of history in general, and old...Read On


My Pussy In The Mirror

My first time masturbating in front of a mirror.

It was late when I got home from the volleyball match and I was hungry, tired, and horny. My mom was working an overnight shift at the hospital and I had the house to myself. First thing I did was go to the fridge and open a container of leftover pasta. I grabbed a fork and ate it cold. I crawled upstairs and decided to use my mom's bathroom to take a shower. She has a beautiful bathroom with...Read On


Trapped In A Sensual Whirl

Am I becoming addicted to sex?

I couldn't believe how much I had enjoyed my first adventure on my bi side with Mary. I had been very much against same-sex relations all my life for some reason. Probably just my upbringing. Now, I had experienced another lady bringing me to several orgasms, and I had repaid her the same way. Not only that, but she was beautiful. When I told Gary, my hubby, all about it, it drove him wild....Read On

The New Boss

Out with the old, in with the new.

I slowly pulled into my parking space. Sometimes I hated this place. But it paid the bills, and for the most part, it wasn't too bad. Especially lately, as my boss had been gone for almost a whole year now, which left me in charge.  At first, I was glad she was gone, but now I wanted her back. There was so much paperwork involved. I gathered up all the paperwork I had to do for the day and...Read On


Don't Judge A Book Part 2 Chapter 2

Back from dropping Dave at the airport, Jill describes her lonely Memorial Day.

28th May 2018 - Memorial Day Car keys safely hung by the door, suddenly I was overcome by a sense of loneliness. A wave of self-pity and tired lethargy sweeping over me. Alone by myself on the Memorial Day holiday. Husband about to fly to the other side of the country. Kids busy with their own things, building their own lives. Ex-lover and boyfriend in a self-imposed exile several...Read On

The Deckhand - Saturday Cruise, Part 1

It was Friday before the cruise that I came to enjoy female partners.

I slept well Thursday night into Friday morning and woke feeling ready to tackle the day.  I showered and ate before heading to the hardware store for a little physical labor.   I walked in the door about fifteen minutes early, and Mr. Solyst approached me right away.  "Good morning Mr. Solyst.  How are you today," broached my lips before he had a chance to speak. "I'm good. In fact, I'm...Read On


Amy's Sexting - Part II

Subject: Re: Skull and Crossbones Photos Message: Sent: 12 Aug 2018 The photos of you in the skull and crossbones stockings are so hot, Amy. The standing one covering your breasts drives me crazy. Your legs are so skinny and I can just imagine them wrapped around my waist as I drive my cock into that bare little pussy of yours. I'd fuck you really well and treat you exactly like the...Read On


Under My Roof

Walter, a family man has no idea what is happening under his roof.

Walter The water was like a mirror and the sun rose from the East reflecting its light as it slowly began to warm my skin. It was an early Sunday in the first week of October. Fall was here in in full bloom making the leaves orange, red and yellow. The last of the emigrating birds had gone and winter was soon to come. Up here where I lived at the time, winter came early. By November there...Read On


The Snake Catcher's Daughter.....Chapter 4

(Following directly from Chapter 3)

  We made our way to the main room where the girls sat themselves with elegant ease, one at each side facing the stair. The centre of the room had been decorated with a profusion of gorgeous flowers including papyrus and lotus blooms, while several large earthenware jugs of wine stood ready along with a hoard of gold and silver goblets. Even by the standards of Malkata palace, this...Read On


My Winning Hand

Another big Thank You to JWren for editing my story, and his art work. You're the best.

“Holy hell, you think you’re all that and a damn bag of chips. Let me tell you, girlfriend, you’re not. In fact, you’re not even the crumpled up bag. If you think you’re gonna walk up in my bar and run your damn trap, I’ll show you just what this ole country girl can do. Now, you best carry your mouthy ass out of here before I put this brand new boot up it.” Sandra stood there like she...Read On


Naturist Beach Adventure

Rik finally finds the freedom to explore his sexuality.

I've always had a high sex drive, something my recent ex-wife didn't share. That played a big part in our break-up. I was now newly single, still in my forties (just) and in search of some sort of sexual adventure. I didn't have a clear idea of what I was looking for but I wanted to be surprised and led by an expert into new areas. So that is how I came to be walking along a naturist beach...Read On


Didn't see that coming

Well thats not how i expected the night to go!

It started as I got off the train in London. Knowing I was terrified of trains and that the journey would already have taken a lot out of me you were there outside the carriage to greet me. Strangely you were in your uniform but not working. You took my hand and guided me through all the barriers treating me like a VIP, stating each time, "She's with me" meaning everyone stepped aside,...Read On


The Lake

Series: My Summer's Education

The price of hanging out with college boys.

When we got to the lake, the party was in full swing. I would guess there were about fifteen to twenty guys there. Although there were a few girls, it was pretty much a sausage fest. When we walked up to the assembled group, I noticed several heads turn. Apparently, most guys were surprised at my appearance. Hell, they were surprised by my boobs. I grabbed a beer and started to nurse it. ...Read On


The Twins (Part 1)

These are the tales of Nick and Nicole. Sometimes family is all you have.

Nicholas and Nicole Langston are twins. They are in college. They are unbelievably close, as are most twins. However, this is the first time that they are apart. Nicholas, the younger one, plays football on a scholarship for Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. While Nicole, the older one by minutes, stayed in town for college at the University of Houston. In their high school years,...Read On


Reclaimed In Full (Chapter 5)

Confrontation and the aftermath

Through the journey, Carol kept apologizing but I remained quiet. The cause of my silence was two-fold; I was boiling with rage for the disgrace she had brought upon me. Secondly, the time to confront her was interrupted by the news of her dad being admitted to the hospital. Upon reaching the hospital, Carol inquired with Susan, the receptionist, about her dad's condition and the ward in...Read On


Helping with the Neighbor's Sink

The pleasures of being a plumber. . .

Dan and Reba lived next door to us and over a period of time we became good friends. Often times, we’d enjoy the company of each other by sharing a patio dinner during the summer or a pot of stew, during the winter months. Our friendship was strictly platonic and nothing more. I found Reba quite attractive. At thirty- five, she looked much younger than her age, and at times, she even...Read On


The Way To Freedom

Series: Pussytech Evolution

From female chastity to sex and more sex.

Being fired is never fun. For me, it was much worse, as I felt my kevlar patch intimately attached to my pussy. The only key has become unreachable, left in the lab of a wound-up company. Rachel was in similar trouble. Both our men were out of town, so having sex wasn’t an immediate possibility anyway. But our long-term prospects were no good. Will we become un-fucked old maids, abandoned by...Read On


Take Your Medicine, Honey - Chapter 6

Angela asks some hot questions, and Michael comes along nicely...

Angela and I didn't get a chance to talk about my lascivious dream until the evening after the next. We'd had visitors the night after I'd had my dream, and we had gone to bed very late and very tired. The next evening we were gloriously alone. At around 10:00 pm, and after we were sure we wouldn't get any more unexpected guests, Angela suggested that we head down to the gym and take a...Read On


Anniversary Surprise, Chapter 4

The good times continue up in their suite and things heat up before they head home.

1 Evening Delights   Dan and Pam nervously rode up the elevator to their suite. Outside their suite, Pam tore the note off the door and read it out loud, “Hello My Sluts. I am happy you were resourceful enough to secure help in gaining release from your bindings. Now, I should be back to visit after my dinner meeting is done. Until then, I found something to occupy you. Now put on your...Read On


Sissy gets caught!

Can you keep a secret?

It started off as a normal weekend, my roomie left to visit his girlfriend's house leaving me alone in the apartment. I wasted no time stripping off before showering and shaving myself smooth all over.  I loved my 'me' time, the chance to indulge in my sissy desires, dressing in stockings, high heels and slutty lingerie. I would practice fixing my hair and applying my makeup before...Read On


The Almost-True and Slightly-Embellished Adventures of Captain Handsome and Mrs. Peach

In which Mrs. Peach encourages his return home...

She knew he would publish it on an adult website. She was excited. It was one of several adventures she and Captain Handsome were having. Mrs Peach re-read the email she was sending: "Oh my stars, Captain Handsome! I love you! "I can hardly wait for you to come home! Three days at that convention in Chicago is enough! Do you miss me? I miss you! "There isn't much to do in Minneapolis...Read On