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Women's College, Calcutta

Welcome to Women's College, Calcutta

Women's College, Calcutta was founded on 2nd July 1937, by a group of devoted scholars under the guidance of Dr. D. L. De with a view to advancing the cause of higher education among women. The college got affiliation to C.U. on 27th April, 1940. DR. D.L. De was the Principal and Secretary of the college till his death in March 1959.

The college shifted from 204, Cornwallis Street, Kolkata - 6 to the present premises at P-29, Kshirode Vidyavinode Avenue, Kolkata-700003 in 1982 at the initiative of the then Principal, Smt. Hena Maitra. The college has been accredited as a B++ grade college by NAAC (National Assessment & Accreditation Council), Bangalore, in the year 2007.

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From Principal's Desk

Principal of Welcome to Women's College, Calcutta

Welcome to Women's Collage, Calcutta,My special thanks to all our patrons, well-wishers, faculty members , staff members, Governing Body members, students and guardians, who have extended their whole -hearted support towards the development of this College as a potential centre of academic Hub for women on the eve of its platinum jubilee celebration year .

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