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Women's college Agartala



About college:

Women’s College was established in June 1965 at the heart of the capital. It was one of the Government Colleges in the North-East India catering to the interest of the women folk of the state as well as of the adjoining states. It is affiliated to Tripura University (A Central University) and UGC.

Established in 1965, Women’s College, Agartala, is the only Degree College for women in Tripura. This is a government college under the aegis of the Department of higher Education, Tripura. Accredited in 2004 with the ‘B’ grade by NAAC, Women’s college has been observing this year its golden jubilee celebration with its tireless striving for empowerment of women through value based holistic higher education.

Important Links:

  • NSS

    The National Service Scheme (NSS) plays an important role for the students of the nation as it teaches them to be responsive to the call of the society whenever asked for.

  • NCC

    For more than 63 years NCC, the youth wing of volunteers of Govt. of India is bestowed with enriched moral values and patriotism.

  • Seminars and Workshops

    College also organizes seminars and workshops on diverse topics with focus on capacity building and promoting research culture among the faculty and students.

  • Alumni

    The Alumni Association of women's college has been established few years back with facutlties, passed out students and others from outside the state.

  • Photo Gallary

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