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The Tamil Nadu Bishops Council responding to the call of the Second Vatican Council to give high priority to Mass Communication considering its vital importance as an instrument of evangelization and human promotion established the Commission for Social Communications Society. Thesolemn decision to this effect by the Tamilnadu bishops in 1974 reached its fruition on August 06, 1976 when Santhome Communication Centre,


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Vizhithiru Jebithiru

This is a Lenten Retreat Programme hosted by Rev. Fr. S. M. Selvaraj SJ
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Oppurave Nalluravu

Oppurave Nalluravu is a New Lenten Special Programme that concentrates
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Angelic Choir

First Attempt at Reality Choir Competition. Parish Choir Groups compete
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Besant Nagar Live

Watch Live Masses of 45th Annual Feast of Besant Nagar Annai Velankanni Shrine
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Nalama Neenga Nalama

On the lighter side, this programme is a phone based programme where we call
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Irakkam Avar Peyar

A Special Programme for the Jubilee Year of Mercy
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Madhavin Manigal

Every Month of October reminds us of the devotion to our Lady of the Rosary.
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Weekend Special Shows

Special Slots of Feast Days and Celebrations that are telecast during Weekends
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Namathu Thirusabhai Perumai

The ministries in the Church are varied and versatile. This documentary programme
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Join us in praying the beads of the rosary everyday at 10:00 am, 8:00 pm and 4:00 am
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Viviliya Thatha

Kids are naturally attracted to old people who remind them of their grandparents.
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Vazhvu Tharum Iraivarthai

Vazhvu Tharum iraivarthai “Your word is a lamp to my feet..
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Irai Irakkathin Jebamalai

Divine Mercy Chaplet. Everyday at 3:00 am and 3:00 pm
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Arulin Neram

The Holy Hour in the presence of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament. Everyday at 11.00 am
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Vandhadhum Thandhadhum

This weekly magazine acknowledges the feedback letters received from the
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Vatican Top 10

Top 10 events that happened at Vatican and around the Catholic world.
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